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UVERworld -The Cheerful Future-
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is a J-rock band that has to date released ten singles and three albums. They wrote and performed the second opening to the anime version of Kubo Tite's manga "Bleach", a song called D.Tecno-life - this marked their breakthrough into the mainstream. Their song Chance! is also the opening to a Bleach PS2 game. Colors of the Heart, another UVERworld song, serves as the third opening to 52-episode anime series BLOOD+. SHAMROCK is to serve as the opening theme for a dorama entitled Dandori ~Dance*Drill~. Finally, the song endscape served as the opening theme to the 2007 anime series Terra he.

The Community

is for discussion of UVERworld, news about UVERworld, and sharing of UVERworld media (PVs, live performances, music), and anything else UVERworld that I have missed. There aren't really any rules; I just request that you all are kind and courteous at all times. If you want something, feel free to ask - in this case, the rest of you should do your best to fulfill this person's favor (if it is a plausible request, of course). Introductory posts are welcomed and encouraged. Please feel at home here!

for any Questions regarding the Comm. contact d_grayman♥ or uver_chan

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Discography ☆


D.Tecno-life (2005.07.06)
CHANCE! (2005.10.26)
just Melody (2006.01.25)
Colors of the Heart (2006.05.17)
SHAMROCK (2006.08.02)
君の好きな歌 (2006.11.15)
endscape (2007.05.30)
シャカビーチ〜Laka Laka La〜 (2007.08.08)
浮世CROSSING (2007.11.14)
Gekidou/just break the limit! (2008.06.11)


Timeless (2006.02.15)
BUGRIGHT (2007.02.21)
PROGLUTION (2008.01.16)

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